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DCU/Vertigo/Wildstorm 6 Word Stories RP Community
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A DCU/Vertigo/Wildstorm Six Word Stories RP Community
The Rules

1. Posts are SIX WORDS. No more, no less. Hyphenated words count as one word. Comments can have as many words as you like.

2. No subject lines. Seriously, they'd just wind up longer than your post.

3. No spamming. Once you've posted, please wait three posts or 24 hours before posting again.

4. There are tags. Use them. "IC" is your basic in-character roleplaying. "OOC" means you're breaking character and speaking as the mun. "Meta" means you're breaking the fourth wall but not character, in order to speak in-character about things they wouldn't know IC. Most of your posting should be IC.

5. Report any problems/abuse/trolling to the mods. Don't feed them, they bite.

6. Use the 'Location' area to tell us who's welcome. Bats, villains, Justice League, and so forth. If you leave it blank, we'll assume it's OTA (Open To All). You can also list your in-universe location there, like "Metropolis" or "The Batcave".

7. Feel free to put other timeline/setting/character information in the "Music" box.

8. Warn for any sort of adult content in threads by putting it in the thread subject AND/OR the "Location"/"Music" boxes of the entry.

8b. (Added as of 12/20/2010) Adult-lock (use the Adult Content drop box and choose Explicit Adult Content) posts once the content becomes questionable (e.g. sex, underage, kink, ect.), or move the thread off comm before that. If you have posts from before (12/20/2010) that have adult content, you can lock them as well, but the mods will lock those if need be.

8c. (Added as of 18/08/2011) When playing on meme posts, it's preferred and encouraged that adult content be taken off comm, rather than locking the post. This is for the sake of underage players and/or muses, who may get locked out of memes.

9. (Added as of 18/08/2011) Trauma/Trigger Warnings are required for any posts that may contain or mention sensitive/triggering content. Including but not limited to: abuse, non-consensual sex, strong violence.

10. What is allowed:

-Any canon characters from any DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm title.

-Canon characters from the DC/Marvel Amalgam Universe.

-DCAU canon characters.

-Any canon character from any adaptation of a DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm title. (Movies, TV shows, animated)

-Elseworlds/canon alternate Earth versions of any canon DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm title.

-Non-canon AU versions of canon DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm chararcters. (Pre-Crisis, genderswapped, never died, etc.)

11. What is not allowed:

-Original characters.

-Canon characters from universes other than DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm.

-Personal journals.

12. The Hub:

Although dcu6wordstories is a Dressing Room game, it does have a general setting known as the Hub, a multiversal nexus that pulls people in from across the multiverse. As such, random new characters can drop in at any time, and multiples of the same character are commonplace. Some characters are stuck, while others can travel back and forth to their world at will. This is up to to the player. Some players may run Hub-based subplots or subplots based around their individual universes, but no involvement in these is required to play in the game.

12b. (Added as of 18/08/2011) Players are able to request that their posts be out of Hub continuity, meaning that no references to the Hub are to be made. If other players are not sure what is/isn't allowed, contact the original poster (via PM or an OOC note in tags) for clarification.